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Our Vision and Key Principles

Our Vision

Newham is a borough with a radical vision to build a better and brighter future. We are a diverse and aspirational place. By putting people at the heart of everything we do, we aim to enable all our residents to reach their potential and thrive.

Central to our approach is increasing the wealth of the local community in the broadest sense - what we call Community Wealth Building. We will act as a powerful force for economic and social justice, creating a fairer, more equal and sustainable borough, in which people have a genuine opportunity to reach their potential and take part in community life.

We are changing how we work: genuinely involving, engaging and listening to our community.  We aim to be an open and accessible council. By helping people to reach their potential, we will maximise the community wealth of Newham and its residents.

Read more about our vision in our Corporate Plan 2019/20 and our Action Plan for Q3

Key Principles

People at the heart of everything we do

When planning, delivering and reviewing our service offer we will listen to and involve the people whose lives are affected. Community and customer engagement is central to policy development, service delivery, and how services will be designed. We will use high quality and rigorous research and analysis, including representative surveys of residents and service users; and we will hold regular citizen and youth assemblies which will provide a forum for people to express their views and input their ideas.

Openness and transparency

We will improve the openness of our democratic, financial, HR and procurement processes. This includes opening up our work to independent scrutiny to ensure that the decisions we make about how we spend our money are scrutinised and so we can learn from past experiences and improve to meet the standards of best practice. We will ensure that we have sound and ethical governance processes.

Efficient delivery and value for money

The Council now has an agreed financial strategy to deliver high quality services which meet the needs of residents and businesses in the borough. A focus on value for money is key if we are to meet the objectives set out in this plan. A challenging financial context, which includes unprecedented cuts to our budget, makes it even more essential that the way we work is as efficient as possible.

Working in partnership

We cannot achieve better outcomes by working in isolation. We will work with our partners to deliver results together. Whether that is with police to improve youth safety, health partners to prevent ill health, or schools and other education providers to increase attainment, skills and readiness for employment.


Newham is the most diverse local authority area in the country. We celebrate our diversity as one of our greatest strengths, and we are committed to ensuring that the Council’s approach is inclusive and reflects the diversity of those that we serve. We ensure a robust approach to equalities, and aim to promote positive social integration in all that we do.